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Jours de France No 705    
France : Jours de France No 705, 18 May 1968

"Pour la quatrième fois Françoise Hardy (lady Françoise) gagne sa bataille d'Angleterre. Yves Salgues vous dit comment".
A 5 page article with 6 black & white pictures (two with Serge Gainsbourg in Hyde Park) on Françoise's success at the Savoy Club.
It's her fourth recital in this club within 2 years. She opened the show in the famous (and heavy!) steel suit of Paco Rabane
(nice picture of it) that turns her into a singing statue. She sings, besides 13 bestsellers, her most recent song "Des ronds dans l'eau".

There is a comment on her "nonchanlance" and lack of ardour and passion. Some tell that she accepts the advantages but
not the discipline of her occupation. But "luck" isn't the only thing that explains her success. More and more Françoise
becomes a personality taking her destiny in her own hands. The article also goes into the creation of "Asparagus", her
own production house guided by Lionel Roc. The possibilty of leaving the scene, her exhausting tours de chant all over the world
and her meeting with Serge Gainsbourg who will co-operate on her next album, her friendship with Jacques Dutronc,
"the Françoise Hardy show" produced by Michèle Arnaud... it's all in the interesting article.