Françoise Hardy  -  Magazine Covers
Cash Box   
USA : Cash Box , 26 September 1964

Only the cover. Léon Cabat, president of France’s hot Vogue label is surrounded by two reasons for his company’s huge success,
Françoise Hardy and Petula Clark. Françoise, known to many as the Yé-yé girl is one of Europe’s biggest disk stars as well as a
favorite in South America. She recently was featured in a Life magazine spread on France’s favorites. She sings in French and
English and will have her first LP issued in America in january on the Four Corners Label. Petula Clark has long been one of
France’s top sellers appearing at the top of the European charts with consistency. Cabat will come to our continent (U.S.A.)
shortly to begin a major expansion move on behalf of the Vogue label internationally.