Françoise Hardy  -  Magazine Covers
de Post No 859   
Belgium : de Post No 859, 22 August 1965

"Françoise Hardy: fame, success and tragedy". A 2 page article (3 large black & white pictures:
2 with J-M Périer). The happiness of Françoise and Jean-Marie has its bitter sides. Arriving in London,
Françoise burst into tears when she was asked to remove her dark glasses. She felt hopelessly lonely and
deserted. The day after, she refound her smile in the presence of the photographer Jean-Marie Périer.
The fact that they aren't a married couple disturbs nobody in France but in the UK Jean-Marie
(rather unknown outside France) feels as if Françoise has to keep him financially. Within each
month there are 4 or 5 days that the couple can enjoy each others presence, for the rest they are forced
to go their own professional way. They've decided not to marry. "Once married I would feel imprisoned
and think of divorce. It guarantees no happiness. Marriage is just good when you are thinking of having
children", confides Françoise, who seems overworked. Once Jean-Marie has left her for a photo session
the clouds of worry and jealousy cover her lovely face.