Françoise Hardy  -  Magazine Covers
Belgium : Humo No 1293, 17 June 1965

A 4 page article with 4 pictures (1 colour, 3 black & white).
On one side there are the twisting yéyé's (Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday, Richard Anthony, Sheila and Claude François)
and on the other side stands a tall, thin girl... Françoise Hardy. She's standing alone, doing the things all by herself.
She refuses to be surrounded by managers, impresarios, secretaries,... Despite her success she goes on quietly, living day by day.
She has no intention to improve her very static presence on stage. She says what she thinks and often this isn't very flattering.
(e.g. recording in London because the French musicians won't do). She's completely back at the top with her new songs
Mon amie la rose and Je veux qu'il revienne.
Humo No 1293