Novella 2000 No 12
Italy : Novella 2000 No 12, 15th March 1969

Françoise Hardy: “ I’m getting married because I’m expecting a son”. A 2 page article on Françoise
who will marry a student , Jean-Pierre Lointier ( who the hell is ...) and will be mother within six months.
5 black& white photos . One big nice photo of Françoise and 4 smaller ones, each time with one of the
important  men in her love life. One with Jean-Pierre Lointier ( L’amore di Jean-Pierre l’ha transformata),
one with Jean-Marie Périer ( Per Jean-Marie soffri sei anni ), one with Jacques Dutronc (Un breve flirt) and
one with prince Ali Patrick Pahlavi (Un amore impossibile).