One of the books in the series
"Voici ceux dont on parle".

An autobiography of Françoise Hardy,
at the age of 20 !, received by Claude

Françoise claims there isn’t a single page
written by her. Let’s call it a biography.

119 pages, 4 pages of black and white
(1964) Published by Union Général

Written by Étienne Daho and Jérôme Soligny.

128 pages, many great colour and black and
white photos, discography, filmography,
bibliography, words to some of the songs written
by Françoise.

(1986) Published by Jacques Grancher.
Je chante donc je suis
Superstar et Ermite
Notes Secrètes
Written with Éric Dumont.

125 pages, many colour and black and white
photos, words to more of the songs written by

(1991) Published by Albin Michel.
Ma vie intérieure
Written by Gilles Verlant.

104 pages, many black and white photos.

(October 2002) Published by Albin Michel.
Unauthorised biography by Yann
Published by Flammarion : 1/10/2004
348 pages
5 black and white photos
Tant de belles choses
Written by Pierre Mikaïloff. Preface by Bertrand

363 pages, 2 colour and 13 black and white photos.
( 8 january 2009 ) Published by Alphé/Jean-Paul
Françoise Hardy : pour un public majeur
This book is an attempt to abolish the gap
between popular culture and the academic
world. Arouimi has explored the songtexts
of Françoise Hardy.
Certainly not my cup of tea.
Written by Michel Arouimi.

219 pages, no photos.
( 26 november 2012 )
Published by Orizons in the
series “Témoins / Témoignages”
Le désespoir des singes ... et autres bagatelles
Published by Robert Laffont,
9 october 2008
390 pages, 42 photos
(mostly black and white).
Also published as paperback in the
series “J’ai lu” 25 may 2009

435  pages
Dutch publication by Nijgh & van Ditmar,
translation by Manik Sarkar, 15 november

383  pages
Autobiographical Novel
L’amour fou
Mes copains les idoles

Written by Philippe Maillard.
Published by R. Solar, january 1964. 142 p.
Many black and white photos. Testimony
on P.Clark, Sheila, C. François, J. Halliday,
Françoise Hardy ( 15 pages, 4 bl. & wh.
photos ) and R. Anthony.
Françoise Hardy : Books ( Warren Gilbert revisited )
Published by Albin Michel, 31 october 2012

182 pages.
Italian publication by Edizioni Clichy,
22 May 2013.
Translation by Antonella Conti.
Françoise Hardy

The original Françoise Hardy Songbook.

Paperback, 24 pages, the book contains the words and
music to 10 of the songs from Françoise's first album.

(1962) Published by Éditions musicales Alpha.

Paperback edition “J’ai lu” May 2014
Françoise Hardy

Paperback, 92 pages, the book
contains the words and music to
35 of the most popular songs
sung by Françoise.

(1992) Published by
Musicom Distribution.

Je Chante Françoise Hardy

Paperback, 210mm X 150mm, 52 pages.
This one contains the words and music
to 25 songs sung by Françoise, ranging
from "Tous les garçons et les filles" to
"Un peu d'eau".

(1997) Published by Paul BEUSCHER -
Arpège. 49 pages
Top Françoise Hardy

A songbook containing 10 songs with words,
guitar chords and piano accompaniment.

( 9 december 1998)
Published by Paul Beuscher- Arpège.
The luxe edition “ coffret collector”.
Invitation to the exposition,
Galerie Photo 12
from 26th october to 3rd
december 2011.
“La photo du siècle”, taken by Jean-Marie
Périer, photographer of SLC, is the cover
of the  book “Les idoles des années 60”
( published in 1988 by Filipacchi) with
biographies of the singers, written by Eric
Vincent and Jean-Marie Périer. It contains
8 pages on Françoise, 5 color pictures and
2 black & white pictures.

On this famous group photo,  Françoise
Hardy is in the third row on the right,
behind Richard Anthony and between
Antoine and Benjamin. The photo is taken
the 12th avril 1966 and published in june
’66 as the central poster of number 47 of
the magazine. ( 4th anniversary).

The photobooks “Mes années 60”
( published May 1998) and the book
“ Mes années 60  L’intégrale” ( published
 June 2002) by Jean-Marie Périer
have also this photo on the cover.
Catalogue, 58 pages, of the auction
on Friday  25th may 2006
by Camard & Associés

Drouot Richelieu - Salle 2
9, Rue Drouot 75009 PARIS
Exposition Françoise Hardy
Galerie Photo 12
14, rue des Jardins Saint-Paul
75003 Paris
from 26 th october to 3rd december 2011
Roger Kasparian exposes in Paris at
the Velvet Galerie 11 rue Guénégaud
75006 Paris
from 7 th november to 4 th december 2013
Books from the sixties and others with Françoise on the cover.

Beauty tips by Anne-Marie Périer
Photos by André Berg
Published by Denoël 1968
157 pages , 5 black and white photos of Françoise
A comic strip book in which the heroine was inspired by, and bears a strong resemblence to
Françoise Hardy.

The original French version, Pravda la Survireuse, was drawn by Guy Peellaert and written
by Guy Peellaert and Pascal Thomas.  (1968) Published by Eric Losfeld.

Translated into Dutch by Remco Campert, a famous Dutch author, a version was published in
the Netherlands as Pravda. (1968) Published by De Bezige Bij (Amsterdam).

Also published in Germany as Pravda. (1968) Published by Schünemann.

I (E.D.)’ve been contacted in 2011 by Orson Peellaert, the son of Guy, who asked me if Françoise
would be willing to particpate in the american reedition of Pravda by answering some questions
of the journalist who wrote the preface. Françoise answered me she has never read the book and
so has nothing meaningful to say about it.
Pravda la Survireuse
Mick Jagger & Pravda
Books on the sixties
Mémoire de la mode Paco Rabanne

Written by Lydia Kamitsis.
80 pages about the unusual fashion creations
of Paco Rabanne. Most of the book is of
photographs of the creations, and includes
one other similar picture of Françoise
wearing this bathing costume, made from

1998 Published by Assouline.
EASY  The Lexicon of Lounge

Written by Dylan Jones
Published by Pavilion in 1996
4 pages on Françoise
On the cover Françoise with Scott Walker,
Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach.
2 photos ( 1 color of the album Maid in Paris
and  1 black & white) and a text by Malcolm
Mc Laren on Paris.
Fashion memoir Paco Rabanne

English edition

September 1999
Published by Thames & Hudson
Memorie della moda

Italian edition

5 October 1999
Published by Octavo
Annees 60 stars des sixties

Written by Bernard Gourbin
Published by Ouest-France
October 1997
Françoise is on the back cover
with Jacques Dutronc
( garden party of the singer Régine)
6 pages on Hardy & Dutronc
Le ragazze dei capelloni.
Icone femminili beat e yé-yé 1963-1968

Written by Franco Brizi
Published by Coniglio Editore, 2008
282 pages. There are 11 pages on Françoise
( including her italian discography) with
articles taken from magazines such as
Ciao Amici, Giovani, Big,... many color
photos. Great stuff !
Dictionnaire des ye-yes a l'usage des fans

Written byAlain Pozzuoli
575 pages
Published by Pygmalion 17 february 2009
Nos années Salut les Copains  1959/1976

Written by Christophe Quillien
Preface by Jean-Marie Périer
Published by Flammarion
14 october 2009
159 pages.
L’aventure Salut les Copains

Written by Michel Brillié/Christian Gauffre,
Preface by Daniel Filipacchi,
Published by Le Layeur/Fondation Frank Ténot
26 october 2009.
287 pages ( photos of Françoise on only 8 pages )
Swinging Sixties
Londres Paris

Written by Christian-Louis Eclimont
Published by Flammarion, 17 december 2009.
239 pages but only 1 page on Françoise, illustraded
by the photo of 2 record sleeves.
ROCK made in France

Written by Patrick Mahé
Photos by Jean-Louis Rancurel
Published by du Chêne 3 November 2010
Françoise on the back cover
Rock in France from 1960 till the end of the seventies
Rock’n’roll Circus

Written by Sam Bernett
Published by Rocher, 7 october 2010
The fabulous history of Rock and Roll
Circus, Saint-Germain-des-Prés Club.
Les années Mlle age tendre

Written by Geneviève Lafosse Dauvergne
Preface by Anne-Marie Périer-Sardou
Published by Le Layeur/Fondation Frank Ténot
21 october 2010
287 pages, 16 photos of Françoise.
Les femmes de la chanson
Deux cents portraits (1850-2010)

Written by Yves Borowice
Published by Textuel
23 october 2010
Vinyls Yeye
L’histoire des yéyés à travers 10 ans de vinyles

Written by Rodolphe
Published by  Ereme 26 october 2008
192 pages
L’année prodigieuse 1962

Written by Bertrand Le Gendre
Published by Denoël., 12 january 2012
279 pages
1 bl. & of Françoise with
Daniel Filipacchi.
Cette année-là 1962

Written by  Pierre-Jean Crittin/Franck Fatalot  
Published by Consart Editions , 10 october 2012 
97 pages
Salut les copains

Written by Jouin Gilbert
Published by Ipanema
15/11/2012, 80 pages
Plus 1 CD audio
Books on astrology
Le Grand Livre de la Vierge

By Beatrice Guénin (birth sign Virgo) and
Francoise Hardy (Virgo ascendant).

One of a collection - Les grands livres du Zodiaque
directed by Joanne Esner.

Françoise wrote this book in collaboration with
Béatrice Guénin. They shared the chapters and the
subjects. They both met great names. Françoise, for
her part, met Jean-Louis Barrault, Félicien
Marceau, Pauline Réage and Claude Nougaro.

Note that this series was such a success, that the
books are constantly republished with slightly
different covers. "Le Grand livre de la Vierge", is
still available in bookstores, such as FNAC,
Amazon etc. ( Warren Gilbert ).

(July 1979) Published by Editions TCHOU
Les signes du destin

From December 22, 1980,Françoise presented a programme "Les signes du destin", in
company with actor Benoît Allemane. The programme went out Monday to Friday, from
15:30 to 16:00 on Radio Monte-Carlo. Allemane told the listeners of the life of a famous
character, whose life coincided, as far as possible, with the date of the programme.

Françoise intervened and made an astrological portrait of the character in question, and
told how the planets had contributed or interfered in the destiny of this character.

This series of books was derived from the programme. The first two published works were:
Capricorne (Capricorn), in her honour, with a summary of the life of Françoise and her
astrological portrait, and Verseau (Aquarius).
Then appearing successively, in pairs, Poisson and Bélier
Taureau and Gémeaux , Cancer and Lion , Vierge
and Balance, Scorpion and Sagittaire . Note that the
photograph of Françoise  published on the first two works,
Capricorne and Verseau is different from that published
on the other 10.

Michel Chabot directed the series of books and the
programme. "Éditions du Rocher/RMC" published the
books from June 1981 until February 1982.

Texts et astrlogical comments  by Jean-Pierre Nicola who
defends the astrology conditionalist.

Subsequently, "Éditions Marabout" republished the full
series in a far more modest uniform blue format.
In 1982, the radio programme, "Les signes du destin" was replaced by "Entre les lignes,
entre les Signes", still on Radio Monte-Carlo. ( Warren Gilbert ).

Entre les Lignes, Entre les Signes

Written by Françoise Hardy (Astrology) and Anne-Marie Simond (Graphology).

Analysis of the hand-writing and star signs of 22 people in the public eye in France, including
Serge Gainsbourg, Sylvie Vartan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jane Birkin.

Paperback, 135mm X 220mm, 362 pages, no photos.

Published by Éditions de Radio Monte Carlo.
Published by RMC
Published by “J'ai lu ”
480 pages
Published by “J'ai lu ”
475 pages
L'astrologie universelle

Presented by Françoise Hardy.
591 pages.

(1990) Published by Albin Michel
La graphologie planétaire

Presented by Françoise Hardy
352 pages

Published by Albin Michel
3 January 2001
Les rythmes du zodiaque

Publisher: Le Cherche-midi  
7 May 2003
Publisher: France Loisirs  
Publisher: Succès du livre  
Françoise  explains what really are the signs of the Zodiac and how significant occupation of a birth sign promotes,
in an individual, a substantive attitude and specific sensitization.
This is probably an advertising cardboard
Edition : Equateurs
4 March 2015
248 pages.
Book “ 100 photos for the freedom of the press”
by Jean-Marie Périer published on 24th june 2015 by
Reporters sans frontières. Preface by Patrick Modiano.
Novel by Scottish author Ali Smith, first
published by Hamish Hamilton in august 2014
D'Aznavour à Zavatta

Written b Micheline Blanc-Tillier

Editions: Les presses du Midi
4 pages on Françoise Hardy.
Avis non autorisés...
Un cadeau du ciel
Edition : Equateurs
3 November 2016
186 pages
Hardy Dutronc
Hardy Dutronc
Unauthorised biography by Katia Alibert.
Published by First document

Firts it would be published in june, than
in september but till now ( 7 dec. 2016)
the book isn't available or even released.
Maybe due to the explicit refusal of Françoise.
Je t'aime   moi non plus
French Magazines
Foreign Magazines
Livre photos « Idoles » by photographer Gerard Bousquet. 223 pages. Preface by Hugues Aufray.
Published on 20th october 2016 by Nouveau Monde.
“ Filles de la pop" by Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
published on 26th october 2018 by Maison
Cocorico , 248 pages. Preface by Lio.
Freya by Anthony Quinn,
published in 2016.
Turkish edition "How to be both"
Chansons sur toi et nous

A book by Françoise Hardy on the songs she wrote
herself . Published by Equateurs on the 10th of
march 2021.
Chansons Pour Françoise
Gianleo Gadaleta
Published in 2020
Independently Published, United States
Catch a rising star
The book is a sort of biography, very largely
in terms of her recorded music output with
brief mentions of her other short careers
as actress and model.
Published by Camion Blanc february 2016.
159 pages.
Catch a rising star
English edition Infodisc 1 november 2008.
Daniel Lesueur and Graham Welch.
FH Un long chant d'amour
Well written biography by Frédéric Quinonero. 
Edited on 19 april 2017 by l'Archipel. 413p.
Edition : Equateurs
12 October 2016
Editions "J'ai lu".
How to be both   Norwegian edition
How to be both   Greek edition
Chroniques d'un dilettante
Jean-Marie Périer
Published in 2021
Calmann Levy
The Despair of Monkeys and Other Trifles:
A Memoir by Françoise Hardy
American edition     Feral House
May 15, 2018
La desesperacion de los simios ... y otras bagatelas
Spanish edition       Expediciones Polares
March 14, 2017
Pocket edition
Edition J'ai lu
May 1, 2009
FH Etoile distante
Biography by Marie-Dominique Lelièvre
Edited in feb. 2022 by Flammarion 320p.
FH A musical tale of love and hate
Biography by Andrew Norman
Edited in april 2022 by New Haven Publishing Ltd
Chansons sur toi et nous

Pocket published by "J'ai lu" on the
16th of march 2022. Françoise added the
song "Je ne suis là pour personne".
How to be both   Danish edition